Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for Government,
Education, and NonProfits

Lighting designed for your neighbors and budget!

Brighter. More efficient. And surprisingly, more affordable. A Premier Sports Lighting Field Pro™ system will completely transform your field for those that use it, those that manage it and those that must pay for it. Make your fields safer and more accessible with control options like scheduling and full dimming, while enhancing your community and environment by drastically reducing spill, sky glow, and energy use.

High Quality + Low Cost = Lowest TCO

  • Our systems deliver more light on the field with less energy consumption than any company in the world!

  • Our systems cost 40-50% less to operate than competing LED lighting systems.

  • Our focus on energy efficiency and controlled light allows our systems to outperform the competition.


Too often, organizations and municipalities think a state-of-the-art LED sports lighting system is out of their financial reach. With our financing, it isn’t. Our programs offer flexible terms, payment options and more. 

Rates as low as 1.75% over 20 years!!!!


  • Our Field Pro™ Integral system was specifically designed to replace old legacy metal halide systems with the same mounting type.  We utilize the same bolt patterns as the legacy systems for easy retrofit projects.

Control Pro+™

The Control Pro+™ is a wireless 

theatrical system for dancing light effects. Flash the lights on and off to music for an exciting fan experience.

This system is the most affordable of its kind today!

Retrofit With Ease

For existing facilities, our retrofitting process puts lighter, more powerful fixtures on your existing infrastructure which further reduces installation costs.

À la carte Warranty

Our À la carte warranty approach allows you to choose your warranty. 

If you want labor included ...

you got it. 

If you want a simple parts warranty ... you got it. 

We are here to offer you what you want.

Play the Game in a Better Light  ™