Better Fan Experience

equals more Revenue

3 Reasons Why Improving the Fan Experience Will Drive Revenue

     With so many different channels, technologies, strategies, etc., why is fan engagement the most important? How can it produce a significant return on investment for your team?

     3 Simple Facts:

          1. Happy fans come back

          2. Happy fans tell their friends

          3. Sponsors want in on the fun and they’re willing to pay for it

1) Fans are more likely to come back to your games if they enjoy their experience

  • Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems

  • Make installation and maintenance easier via the integral or remote options

  • Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space

2) Happy fans are more likely to tell their friends about their experience

  • Support the latest TV Broadcasting Standards

  • Meet demanding slow-motion broadcasting requirements with flicker-free lighting technology

  • Improve experience on the field with excellent color rendering, temperature, and exceptional uniformity

3) Sponsors want to be associated with amazing experiences and will pay for it

With RGB colored lighting, you can bath the stands in the sponsor's colors during their allotted times and charge more for marketing!

Control Pro DMX™

The Control Pro DMX™ is a wired or wireless, theatrical system for individual fixture control. Flash the lights on and off to music for an exciting fan experience.

This system is only limited by your imagination

Retrofit With Ease

For existing facilities, our retrofitting process puts lighter, more powerful fixtures on your existing infrastructure which further reduces installation costs.

À la carte Warranty

Our À la carte warranty approach allows you to choose your warranty. 

If you want labor included ...

you got it. 

If you want a simple parts warranty ... you got it. 

We are here to offer you what you want.

Need Help?  Contact Premier Sports Lighting

Ready to upgrade your venue with an LED sports lighting system? Have a question? Let our experts create your tailored solution. Just give us a call at 800-674-6058 or email us at We look forward to assisting you.

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