2nd to None Fan Experience

Make your fans go wild!

     Give your venue an opportunity to shine. With Field Pro™ LED lighting & Magic Pro™ RGB lighting an average game becomes a truly exciting event. Glare-free lighting helps cameras capture the action and gives spectators a clear view of the activities on the field. RGB lighting turns your venue into a live concert! Find out how you can make your venue more flexible, reduce costs and improve the fan experience. Additionally, you can ensure your business is IoT-enabled with connected luminaires that help you harness the power of smart technology using our Control Pro™ systems.


  • RGB lighting for fan excitement

  • Up to 64,000,000 different color combinations

  • Custom light shows for team/player entrances, half time shows, touchdowns, home runs, etc.

  • Light shows timed to your favorite music for added fan excitement


  • Support the latest TV Broadcasting Standards

  • Meet demanding slow-motion broadcasting requirements with flicker-free lighting technology

  • Improve experience on the field with excellent color rendering, temperature, and exceptional uniformity


  • Reduce costs with energy-efficient LED lighting systems

  • Make installation and maintenance easier via the integral or remote options

  • Increase revenue streams with the flexibility to host different types of events in the same space

Control Pro DMX™

The Control Pro DMX™ is a wired or wireless, theatrical system for individual fixture control. Flash the lights on and off to music for an exciting fan experience.

This system is only limited by your imagination

Retrofit With Ease

For existing facilities, our retrofitting process puts lighter, more powerful fixtures on your existing infrastructure which further reduces installation costs.

À la carte Warranty

Our À la carte warranty approach allows you to choose your warranty. 

If you want labor included ...

you got it. 

If you want a simple parts warranty ... you got it. 

We are here to offer you what you want.

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