It began with our team, realizing that the sports lighting industry needed to offer professional, collegiate, public school, and municipal venues more affordable LED sports lighting systems without sacrificing quality. Why?

  • Current pricing from the major LED manufacturers is out of sight for the average budget.

  • Most off-brand fixture's upfront costs can be less but they have incorporated inferior materials and are costly to operate.

  • Utilizing rep agencies and distributors is an ancient model.  We sell directly to the customer to save money and limit project confusion.

  • Currently you have companies offering remote or integral ... no one offered both until we developed the Field Pro™ Remote & Integral.

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Premier Sports Lighting's team consists of seasoned sports lighting individuals who have experience from the smallest to the biggest projects and everything in between.  Premier's management team collectively has designed, sold or installed over 5,000 sports lighting systems across the USA over the last (37) years ranging from Olympic venues to (20+) Professional sports venues to university settings, high school to municipal and P&R fields.