In late 2017 five friends in the lighting industry possessing 190+ years of hands-on sports lighting experience recognized the need to design and manufacture high quality and extremely affordable LED fixtures for sports play. It's Field Pro™ 600 & 1000 LED Remote or Integral is now revolutionizing the market.


     Features typically reserved for professional venues are now directly available to colleges, high schools, and municipalities who desire to reduce energy and costly maintenance with our LED. Contact a Premier team member or an installation partner for a turnkey quote to retrofit an existing metal halide field OR build a LED sports system with poles and wireless controls from ground-up.


Premier Sports Lighting's team consists of seasoned sports lighting individuals who have experience from the smallest to the biggest projects and everything in between.  Premier's management team collectively has designed, sold or installed over 5,000 sports lighting systems across the USA over the last (37) years ranging from Olympic venues to (20+) Professional sports venues to university settings, high school to municipal and P&R fields.

Play the Game in a Better Light  ™